Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to Increase Traffic on Website?

            Why is getting traffic so hard? The problem is you are focusing on the wrong metrics and reading wrong content. The user engagement metrics like time onsite, pages per visit, direct or branded traffic information helps analyzing your audiences. Once you implement the right system on your website, it's really not that difficult to increase traffic. Whether you own a ecommerce site or sell software or full time blogger, you need the content that brings in targeted traffic. Traffic that converts into leads and sales. For that, you need to rank for keywords that your customer search for everyday.

 Here are some of the best practices to increase traffic on websites,

 1. Practice 1: The System can be defined in such a way that, To Optimize your website content, Share your content the right way to the social media. Also, the website and social media are optimized by getting your content in front of new audiences through content republishing on large publications. A Good content marketing strategy has the following elements. The Primary Goal of your content, audience are well defined, frequency of posting, amplifying the content etc.

2. Practice 2: Headlines are one of the most important parts of your content. You need content that your influencers want to share with their audiences. To create a content that appeals to influencers, it is important to find out who they are. Are you creating internal links to new content? Once you understand which topics push their buttons, you can create content that care about  most.  Keep in mind, When you create a content, it needs to appeal to the influential people in your niche. Finally, you need Share Triggers give your content that turns cold traffic into leads and customers. Share Triggers significantly boost the shares, backlinks and traffic.

3. Practice 3: Make sure you have every relevant keyword you can think of on your site. Once Identified keywords, Focus on Long Tail Keywords. Focus your energy on strategies that are working. You don't have to do what every one else is doing. Study your analytics to see your main traffic drivers and focus on your energy on these areas. Organize your content into relevant categories will help readers find relevant content.

4. Practice 4: With the careful planning, focused SEO strategy and an understanding of information architecture can deliver the serious results. The keyword opportunity evaluation is an financial model that  measures traffic based on finite set of inputs like DA, number of links, content footprint etc. Also, pay close attention to where the traffic growing in most comments, social shares will help to create content patterns and architecture. The 3 main components of architecture should be scalable, crawlable and local sitelinks for popular categories which cause upstream sub directories to receive authority translating into higher rankings.

5. Practice 5: Some of your online external website  activity will significantly increase the traffic like Starting forum, facebook group on your website drives traffic. Posting content to LinkedIn,  Promoting your blog post to email list, guest posting on relevant blogs, include links to other relevant post on your blog, submitting post to Reddit, Alltop,Stumbleupon, etc will drives traffic. When you quote someone in your blog post, be sure to @ mention them in your tweet when you promote your post.

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