Tuesday, 25 October 2016

ECommerce Trends - Improve Online Strategy

    Ecommerce has a bright and shiny future.  If you are setting up an ecommerce site for the first time, there are signs of bigger trend to keep an eye on,  that has the power to impact bottom line. It is important to create something that visitors will love. Technology now makes its possible to improve customer experiences. To better serve them by creating more personalized, customized brand experience. Ecommerce site is a place where people go to learn, be inspired and be immersed into a brand's universe.

         Business continue to innovate and get an edge on the competition. It require outside-the-box thinking. You have to be able to see the possibilities where others might see none. Web is borderless. A smart strategy given the breadth of options it provides, including the use of a progressive approach reduces the financial burden of expansion.

      An element in broader story about the product is the star in business. It makes sense to visually appealing content to create something that people want to share and increase conversion rate. Making your entire product selection available and providing rich content or information for every item is a serious challenge for any business. Product information plays important role in product evaluation. It is an valuable asset that you can build on.


Here are some of the bigger trends to expand your online strategy,

1.Common UI Patterns :

          User experience of website helps shoppers to find what they are looking for and purchase. It is important in designing of user interface of your site that aren't any inconsistencies in navigating it. It should reduces the friction and make sure people can scan, search, browse, select and add new products to their cart in seamless way.

2. Customized Product Demonstrations:

                Product demonstration is another compelling way to showcase what your products to offer and how they work. Add more features to initial base product and give a live demonstration of how the product will actually look and function. This way consumer knows exact product they want.

3. Personalization and Contextual Shopping:

        An common UI patterns can help provide your customers with a consistent experiences. The big trend is personalization. It means homepage might change depending on the products a customer viewed on their last visit.

4. Real-time Analytics:

          Data is invaluable resources in helping you determine how your business is doing. As you monitor customer and shopper behaviour, you will be able to identify the problems in your sales funnel. When you repair the problems on the fly or interact with the customer before she or he abandons the cart, you will be able to increase your conversion rate dramatically.

 5. Live Action Customer Engagement :

      According to Gallup, there are 3 types of customer:actively disengaged, indifferent and fully engaged.

     There are several methods that retailers can use to actively engage customers. Those are,

       - Quoting them in blog to help repeat customer visits and encourage interaction.

       - Answering the question via video or written post

       - Sending important update via email or newsletter

       - Sharing valuable links and content through social network

       - Creating an interactive ecommerce design

       - Advertising the special offers etc

     According to the report,

   - 51% of shoppers will try one time or just give up if they do not have support during shopping experiences

  - 76% will try at least one time post shopping to get the support they need before giving up

       There are some trends that set new benchmarks and that create a new baseline for ecommerce as a whole. Software Solutions that paved the way for more enriched customer experience and more robust back end retailers.