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7 Best B2B Website Design Marketing Trends & Ideas

      B2B website is the sales tool to inform, captivate and persuade people to buy into your brand. It is also important to build customer relationships and the trust your website conveys is critical to keeping your audience engaged. Since the website is a great asset, it should meet your needs and support your goals.
Stay Agile with your B2B Website:  The process of building an effective website is never over.  Your company should be continually learning from the customer interactions with your website. It requires careful testing of the elements that are working and needs an improvement so that to meet the visitor's desires or expectations.
           B2B websites need to establish a clear information architecture, includes compelling content, offer details about products and services, understandable interaction design and all the user experience principles discovered for B2C will be applied to B2B as well. However, the B2B audience often has different needs than B2C. As a result, B2B purchases have longer decision-making phases, higher price tags, and it has less of a need to market based on product desirability.
 There are 2 important things  for every B2B website,
      * A mechanism for generating the leads
      * Valuable Content that confirms to the prospects that why working with the company is a good idea.
      B2B website designs to be effective in attracting and converting prospects into leads has everything should be functional on the site. Keep in mind the following,
      * Know your Target audience: Understand your target audience and what drives them to buy so you can speak to them directly when they land on your site. To entice visitors to continue their journey through your site, you need to know their history, including the products and solutions typically they purchase. Understand the strength, weakness and pain points and what keeps them to keep up right?
      * Conduct SEO: SEO helps to target the right visitors, so when they find your site they are more likely convert into leads.
      * Promote your site via Social Media: Once you build a great website, you need to promote it into a lead generation machine. Social media provides ample opportunities for promoting your website and generating feedback about your brand. It also initiates a conversation about products and services.
      *  Do prospects understand what we offer?
      *  Is there a bunch of internal links on the website?
      *  Does the content speaks to prospects need?
      *  Is there any value for existing clients?
      *  The main value proposition that of products and services is clearly represented on a website? The audience should be able to identify the company's purpose and how it will deliver.  Rather than excessive attempts to drive buyer motivation, focus energy on addressing ways your company will provide the solution. There are 5-7 impressions are mandatory before someone will remember your brand. Ensure that your B2B brand is clearly represented in your website design. Check the following elements present on your B2B website,
      * Clear Calls to action
      * A variety of calls to action
      * Short form submissions
      * Resources to download
      * Comprehensive Blog
      * Easy to find product and service pages
      * Contact page or form
      * Compelling messaging
      * Obvious Branding
Here are the best B2B Website design practice that creates a better user experience and positive lasting impressions with the visitors,

1. Convey the Quality Of firm's Product: Provide the vibrant and cherry feel which capture the audience with the variety of high-quality products rather than just listing the products and envelopes that doesn't rank.
2. Perfectly Placed Call-to-action: It is important that your audience exactly where they want them to go. Right from the home page direct the visitor to customer. There won't be any unnecessary images, nav's and distractions.
3. Functional Minimalism: Functional minimalism improves the UX to cut download time and increase readability. When there is less content on the page, it has a way of drawing more attention. The simple polished small statements are impactful.
4. Quality Content: The energetic, colorful content to users will lift your brand into positive directions. It is important to understand the impact your content on design. Keep in mind the following for B2B website content,
    - Explain Product & Services Immediately: Visitors need to get straight to the point at the first visit on your website.
   - Show them the benefits of partnership: If they decide to partner with you, explain the details of what will the customers gaining?
5. Design should tell the story: Choose the design make them on a journey of your visitor. This approach is conversational marketing rather than content marketing.  Conversation marketing uses the content to understand what the user is looking to find and proving the tailored information needed.
6. Attractive & Captivating Videography: It is extremely popular on home pages take the place of excessive about content. It illuminates your content with the story of who you are.
7. Focus on User Experience:  After you establish who you are as a brand and who you want to attract, you need to think about what exactly it is you want your visitor to do when they visit your page. Research has shown that 58% of B2B websites had successful user experiences. So, establish your goals and anticipate conversion paths before you start designing your website. Layout a wireframe for a website is the best way to define visitor's flow. It also helps to the designer to build the pages.

To support B2B customers in all stages of the purchase process, you need to,
       1. Provide content such as articles, blog posts, webinars, white papers, buying guides that help early-stage researchers understand the types of problem you solve, typical solutions and define how your product or services are the key part of the solutions.
      2. Ensure that content provides criteria for why you have solved a particular problem so well compared to your competitor.
     3. Acknowledge competitor products and show your solutions are better through comparison tables
     4. Provide a  shareable content and products for review, discussions, and approval.

B2B Marketing Trends:  In order to get the clear picture of B2B marketing trends,  it's important to look at the strategies gaining popularity,

1. Marketing Automation: As the role of marketing grows and becomes critical to attracting and nurturing leads throughout the sales process, marketers having more work to save the time and streamline the nurturing process. The clients want personalized and human touch during the sales process, so everything could not be automated in marketing. Hubspot and Marketo are good marketing automation tools.

2. Account Based Targeting: Rather than actively working on ideal prospects, the EI Toro, AdDaptive enables marketers to market only to those prospects. kwanzoo cookie based ABM program provides depth of targeting and reporting you can get.

3. Meaningful Motion & Animation images: This is not same as the video. It enables the fluid experience for the visitor. Forex, if a user scrolls down the website certain aspects of the design expand to reveal the information or animate and illustrate a complicated process. It creates the seamless experience of the user and educates them simultaneously.

4. Subtle Interactive Elements:  Subtle interactive hover and motion applied to various elements on the web page improves the way user navigation and incite an engaging experience. The cutting-edge design tools used to make the interactive elements stand out from others.

5. Video Backgrounds: The major trend is the integration of video into digital marketing assets in B2B web design. The video background has demonstrated value as they support the brand story and visually emphasize messaging.

6. Remarketing: Once you get your brand in front of the prospect, it is also important to stay in front of them. It is an inexpensive way to solidify brand awareness and to be readily accessible when the prospect is ready to make contact. Remarketing is an ingenious way to stay in front of the prospects to get in touch with your brand.

7. Press Releases: Press releases are a great way to improve SEO with verified backlinks to the brand website. The movers and shakers in the market often turn to press release for the latest product and service announcement.

B2B products are not standalone products that are purchased as part of a larger system that requires careful consideration of compatibility. B2B customers need to ensure that new products, software, and services will fit into existing systems and workflows used in their company. So, when providing compatibility information, be sure to include the following
     - Name the standard product that you integrate clearly
     - Indicate the version of the product
     - Explicitly mention the companion platform or software with which it works best
     - Tell the user what type of support you provide during the integration or transition of the system
     - Indicate the specific standard you comply with and link to detailed information on that standard
     - Provide clear engineering drawings, connection, dimensions, requirements and proximity to other connections.
    - Cloud-based integration and API support information for software etc.,

Friday, 15 December 2017

The Best Web Designing Trends that Builds Brand Online for 2018

      B2B companies pay attention to trends, customers and take action to improve their business. Companies that launch B2B eCommerce solutions deepen their customer relationships, attract new customers and become more profitable. Unlike the standard B2C model, B2B designed to meet the needs of the sellers whose customers are primarily companies - possibly complex organizational structures with multiple users and various roles and levels of permissions. There are 2 basic actors in B2B model,
         * A Seller is an admin user that accesses the System from Admin panel
         * A Buyer is any consumer associated with company account who accesses the system from the storefront
       B2B marketing strategies are essential for encouraging innovation, increasing sales revenue, assisting in market penetration and aiding in market entry for any organization. It provides a framework for analyzing organization strategies, identifying synergies with various stakeholders, and building and leveraging company's core competencies.
        Inspiring brand tells your brand story through Brand strategy and planning. Brand impacts revenue growth when it gets activated by the sales force and becomes uniquely equivalent to your customer and prospects. Do you have the right marketing strategy to your revenue growth goals?  This Interactive Tool will help you understand if you have a chance at success.
        Branding is business mixed with emotions, expectations, and engagement. It consists of your web presence, communications, and products. It is also baked into your product details, customer details, and checkout page. People purchase products because of story, an emotional connection they feel with the brand. As eCommerce business owner, building powerful and engaging online brand is our most important work. There are a lot of web design trends that take the internet and are widely used on many different websites. The innovative web design strategies have seen in a website traffic and overall conversion rates.

   Let us take a close look at some of the web designing trends that takeover in the year 2018,

1. Provide a  Personalized Experience: Web Content Personalization is a well-established marketing tactic among B2C websites. Personalization of Emails is a common tactic across all industries. Ecommerce has become customer oriented that they do all the shopping online completely on their own. They are like detectives searching right kind of clues to decide a product is worthy of their attention.

2. Create Efficient Check Out Process:  According to the research, the confusing checkout is among the top 5 reasons for cart abandonment. Make your checkout experience is completely linear. Never make objects clickable during the checkout phase so visitors get distracted and leave, abandoning their basket.

3. Optimize website for common Browsers: Don't forget to design your website for overall accessibility. When designing your website, try to avoid your website relying on browser specific behavior. Test its appearance & functionality on multiple browsers to make sure that all your visitors are getting the experience you've worked hard to create. Not all users have javascript enabled browsers and technologies like flash and ActiveX may not render well in every browser.

4. More Shop Features: Customers simply hate it when they feel limited by the options they have been given on the website with an unlimited number of products and categories placed on a shopping page. Integrate social media feature on the website. Countdown timers are good way of closing the deal with limited time offers in the form of discount and free shipping. All these features make customers life lot easier and consistent with the current trends have had so for.

5. Product Video Integration: Video content is an entertaining form of storytelling and outstanding way of conveying complex information instead of explaining the use of words alone. It is an informative approach in the form of guides to instruct customers on how to use their products and making the browsing experience much more enjoyable.

6. Display Reviews & Testimonials: Customers more likely purchase the goods on a website that has the reviews and testimonials on them rather than random or unknown eCommerce website. Someone actually tested on the quality of goods provides some assurance that the business is totally legit. As a result, the conversion rate will go up along with profit. Customer Reviews give you unparalleled insights into customer trends.

7. Adding small Icons to make Navigation Easy: Adding small icons to make their product categories more intuitive. It's a great trend - when it is executed well. Visitors clicking the categories and find the product items that results in best user experience.

8. Going Social on Product Pages: Remember that, there are customers and prospects out there ready to connect with you on social media.  If an element isn't adding any value to your page's conversion goal, it has no business on your web page. You should justify the presence of social icons on product pages. It may distract visitors from page goal, which is to increase clickthroughs to the 'Add to Cart' button.

9. User-Generated content TakeOver:  It is one of the most valuable pieces of content you access to. It gives real feedback of your store and products. Social sharing of your products makes your customer more likely to trust your site and customer more likely to purchase after having interacted with UGC. Provide a scrolling carousel on your website with customer reviews, photos, and thoughts about your product. It is not only a powerful statement of how many people love your products, it can be extremely helpful.

10. Consider Retargeting Strategy:  Retargeting helps to reduce shoppers issues and turn hesitant visitors into happy customers. Start by determining which shoppers have added something to their cart, but haven't completed their purchase. Once you identified the audience, it is important to determine how long you want to target cart abandoners. Reaching consumers as soon as they abandon is a must.

Start Your 2018 with Best Foot Forward in B2B :

1. B2B products are of higher intricacy than the B2C products: Visitors to your online store hope to search and find fast and find the exact product they are looking for. So, create well-made product catalog with advanced search options and make sure the product sold on your web store are presented with exact specifications and as many details as possible.

2. B2B sales involve many people: Unlike B2C where consumer buy a product because of impulse, B2B buyers need to make the value and benefit clear their company. There are several peoples involved in the buying process. If you want to persuade everyone involved in the purchasing decision, make sure the product descriptions contain enough technical details and shows of the commercial benefits to the executive.

3. B2B Product Sales cycle takes more time: B2B sales usually last for long. Nurturing potential customers to keep continuous and steady sales in the future becomes as important as selling products. So, the content marketing is an effective way to develop potential customers. As the customer journey becomes longer, businesses need to deploy plenty of research on different stages of the customer lifecycle. Content marketing helps to educate the potential customer about the best practices in the industry.

        Make sure you are standing out the following,
             -  Video Usage: It's the right time to present your product video on websites.
             - Fast & Mobile friendly: Mobile continues to grow and attention span time continues to shrink.
             - Married it to SEO: If Google can't find your content on the internet, it might as well not be there.
            - A/B Test Everything: The subject lines, video ads, content length, the color of buttons are tested and tweaked.
           - Made Relevant Content - If your audience is looking for something, give them what they want.

4. On the B2B market, Company is as important as your Products: Your web-store visitor not only looks for product description but also your company information. They want to ensure that your company is trustworthy. If you want to win trust and recognition, pay more attention to the "About Us" page. List the key member's of the company and tell a story how their experience informs the product and corporate culture. Postive comments or past customers establish trust in the company.     
5. Select Effective Promotion Channels: Content cannot spread well without appropriate promotion channels. Buy some advertisement on ecommerce platform may expand the online shop exposure and increase page views. Social media channels like facebook, twitter and linkedIn are good choices. Also, join the conversation of forums related to your products. Share professional knowledge on the blog. Sending the promotional email are effective as long as the content meets the customer requirements.
             - Fill up the Business Page: Make sure your company profile is complete and robust. Users who are unfamiliar with the brand can quickly understand who you are and the unique value you offer
              - Post Awareness Content: Brands frequently post in-depth content to LinkedIn - either directly on the platform or by linking to the company blog. Also, include entry-level content as well.
           -  Participate in different LinkedIn Groups: Many marketers are intentionally involved in LinkedIn groups that relate to the industries. Follow your buyer personas to Groups related to their industries and offer genuine, unbiased help.