Sunday, 22 July 2012

How to Create Simple Mobile Application of 'Hello world "for Android

We can create the mobile application in 3 steps. Those are,
1. Design  mobile application
2. Build applications for phones & tablet
3. Deploy the mobile application for the android device
We will see each phases in the details.
1. Designing the Mobile Application : If you are designing an application for mobile,tablet,desktop, you typically use seperate design interfaces for each platform. Mobile applications follow different design patterns from the browser based applications due to smaller screen size. When developing the mobile application, you have to divide the content into series of views for display on mobile device. Each view that are focused on single task or single set of information. The user changes the view to another by tapping the components. The user can use back and return button for previous components.

       You should install AdobeFlashProfessionalCS6.0 for android application development from your adobe account which must be downloaded throughAdobeDownloadAssistant.
 2. Build applications for phones & tablet : You can create application for tablet using the spark application container. However, you typically use viewnavigator application and tabbedviewnavigator application for mobile phone. Flash Builder brings a productive design, build, and debug workflow to mobile development. It is easy to develop the action script or flex based mobile application as to develop the desktop or web application. For Android, Flash Builder produces an .apk file same as native android application package. The native installer enables AIR-based applications to be distributed the same way as native application on each platform.

Steps to produce .APK file  through Flash Builder CS6.0 :

Step 1 : Once Flash Builder CS6.0 is installed in your system, Run the application and click AIR for Android, create HelloWorld_FLA file,  grab the text tool and text into that "HELLO WORLD" as it shows below,

Step 2: Anytime, you are working on flash android application, press CTRL+ENTER to test the application to see and how it works.

Step 3: It is important stuff that in the properties menu of file, choose script  to ActionScript3.0 and target to AIR 3.2 for Android. Now, click edit application settings as shown below,