Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Customer Expectations from Online Store

          The amount of information that's available at the speed of light and in the palm of people hands makes nearly everyone expect more. Consumers have the power of choice and world of online retailers at their fingertips. If your online store doesn't fulfill the needs, they will just go to your competitor. So, Your store should be fast enough to load the products and get order online. The time and speed as well as convenience of e business model is what prompting them to opt for online purchase. Brand that promises certain quality and customer experiences. The success lies in understanding customer expectation using technology to build and deliver value proposition to customer and customer delight.

        The average customer expects the following things. But, it is always essential the company should go above and beyond,
           * Timely, knowledgeable, friendly communication for their pre and post purchase,

           * Exactly what they ordered,
           * Reasonable Return Policy

     Here are some of the other customer expectations and the companies should meet them,

    Expectation No.1: More Personalized Shopping Experience

    Expectation No.2: More Options and Constant Contact

    Expectation No.3: Listen Closely and Respond quickly

    Expectation No.4: Credibility and Trustworthy

    Expectation No:5: Pricing Information clearly stated

    Expectation No.6: Visually Appealing

    Expectation No.7: Privacy Statement/ Customer Reviews

Steps to follow for exceeding expectations, every time are,

      1. It begins with the understanding of your customer touch points.  A touch point is a single interaction a visitor or customer has with your brand. Every single touch point has the opportunity to meet, exceed or fail customer expectations.

     Break out the touch points your visitor/customer to have with your brand,

      Pre Purchase                                               During Purchase                                 Post Purchase
     Social Media                                                 Product Images                              Purchase invoice
         Chat                                                          Product Descriptions                      Package delivery
      Advertisement/ Marketing                         Contact Page                                  Thank you Notes
      Email Enquiry                                             Checkout Experience                      Return Policy

Once you choose a touch point to focus on, Think about with your customer of  "what the average person expect from this? Then, focus on meeting the exceeding expectations.

  2. Identify other Touch Points to improve,
        * Improve About Page
        * Improve Product Video
        * Improve Product Descriptions
        * Improve Checkout Experience
        * Improve Packaging
        * Improve Package Inserts

3. Acquire Feedback : 
          Finally, Ask your customer for feedback. If you have done a great job, you will most likely receive positive emails.