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SEO for Commercial Website - Basics

      If you want to uncover the missed opportunity and to make your website more easily found in search, check the SEO health of your website. It is necessary to take clear action plan for fixing the SEO problems.

Features & Qualities of SEO application are,

  1. Keyword Research:
         Keywords are window into what user want, the user intent. Keyword research is to discover the content demand. Google Trend will help you to see how phrases are trending up ,trending down, trending in cyclical pattern and identify regional patterns. Understanding cyclical and regional patterns will help you when to roll out certain kinds of content and also to understand to focus link building for certain phrases in the regions, since those phrase will be popular in that region.

When developing the keyword strategy for ecommerce website, the first is to define the sales problem the business wishes to solve.

  The real goals are,

         a. Sales
                   In SEO, the sales category calls as Money Phrases. Money Phrases are keyword phrases that are associated with a high level of sales. Aside from obvious phrases containing words like "buy" in them, there are additional set of keyword phrases that indicate a user intent to make an immediate purchase. Some of the money phrase keyword categories are,
           competitor comparison,
           discount price searches,
           product reviews and ratings,
           coupon code searches,
           searches for sale etc.,

         b. Building awareness of your website, products, services
         c. Ad clicks and Ad Impression etc.,

     The  Important things to consider in keyword research are,

               a. Proper keyword strategy  grows your site to become authoritative, expert and trustworthy.
               b. Identify the user intent, then set about satisfying that intent
               c. Integrate user experience into your keyword strategy

  2. Rank Tracking:
                Keywords and Pages are responsible for Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Track the keywords to discover the opportunities and improve the rankings.  Track the selected rankings data over time to see which efforts are making the most impact as well as scheduled reports to stay informed on changes. Track the geo targeted keyword rankings at the local, national, city and neighborhood levels.  The competitive analysis helps to understand who ranks for which keywords.

  Improve your visibility :  Identify the SERP features that drive traffic to your site. Optimize your page content and improve your rankings and ultimately your sales. You can boost the performance by finding and fixing the page issues uncovered by crawlers.

   3. Link Building:
         Link building is a sure fire way to drive your website to the cherished google top. Link building can turn challenging SEO job when it comes to finding first-rate link partners and managing them. Once you found the potential link exchange partners you've only won half the battle. It is not just the quantity, it's the quality of your link partners that matters when it comes to search engine rankings. The way you continually monitor the  link partnerships add value to your websites link popularity and appropriate action.  Create a professional-looking link directory that perfectly matches your website and impress your link partners.

    * Learn Backlinks in SEO and advantageous of Backlinks
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    * Submit your website to this bulk search engine directories , Free Web DirectoriesFree High PR DirectoriesInstant approval directoryList-of-review-submission-sites

  4. Onsite SEO:
             It is the process to make sure your web pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure are optimized for your target keywords. Also, you need to ensure that you have a significant inbound links from highly respected external websites.
Optimization needs to be done in the following areas,
                1. Page Titles
                2. Meta Descriptions
                3. Meta Tags
                4. URL Structure
                5. Body Tags (H1,H2,H3,H4 etc)
                6. Keyword Density
                7. Image SEO
                8. Internal Linking

  a. Ensure your SEO content follows best practices for on page optimization. Get an actionable list of opportunity to improve SEO.
  b. Get an SEO checklist : Get an actionable list of SEO tasks to improve search engine rankings. Following the instructions will help you fully optimize your content.

 5. Backlink Auditing:
              It is almost and always performed when domain is in trouble. The key to do good audit of any is to collect reliable data and place it in a format is as easy as possible to digest and work with. while there is a lot of data to deal with in spreadsheets, any less data you wouldn't have as a full picture. You've now got a list of all of your inbound backlinks, but that's not particularly useful. what we want to do next is to gather unified data for  them all. For this purpose, use URL Profiler to import the links in your spreadsheet.

   If you want to look for the low quality links in URL profiler,  select the following in domain-level data,

      - Majestic
      - Moz
      - Ahref
      - Social Shares
      - Site Type
      - IP Address

once the URL profiler is done, you can open the spreadsheet with the results. It will look something like this,

  You can also perform the backlink audit with SEOPowersuite and ged  rid of the ones that are hurting your rankings. Submit your site in  Website Promotion Directory Web-Directories for free.
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