Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to Increase Traffic on Website?

            Why is getting traffic so hard? The problem is you are focusing on the wrong metrics and reading wrong content. The user engagement metrics like time onsite, pages per visit, direct or branded traffic information helps analyzing your audiences. Once you implement the right system on your website, it's really not that difficult to increase traffic. Whether you own a ecommerce site or sell software or full time blogger, you need the content that brings in targeted traffic. Traffic that converts into leads and sales. For that, you need to rank for keywords that your customer search for everyday.

 Here are some of the best practices to increase traffic on websites,

 1. Practice 1: The System can be defined in such a way that, To Optimize your website content, Share your content the right way to the social media. Also, the website and social media are optimized by getting your content in front of new audiences through content republishing on large publications. A Good content marketing strategy has the following elements. The Primary Goal of your content, audience are well defined, frequency of posting, amplifying the content etc.

2. Practice 2: Headlines are one of the most important parts of your content. You need content that your influencers want to share with their audiences. To create a content that appeals to influencers, it is important to find out who they are. Are you creating internal links to new content? Once you understand which topics push their buttons, you can create content that care about  most.  Keep in mind, When you create a content, it needs to appeal to the influential people in your niche. Finally, you need Share Triggers give your content that turns cold traffic into leads and customers. Share Triggers significantly boost the shares, backlinks and traffic.

3. Practice 3: Make sure you have every relevant keyword you can think of on your site. Once Identified keywords, Focus on Long Tail Keywords. Focus your energy on strategies that are working. You don't have to do what every one else is doing. Study your analytics to see your main traffic drivers and focus on your energy on these areas. Organize your content into relevant categories will help readers find relevant content.

4. Practice 4: With the careful planning, focused SEO strategy and an understanding of information architecture can deliver the serious results. The keyword opportunity evaluation is an financial model that  measures traffic based on finite set of inputs like DA, number of links, content footprint etc. Also, pay close attention to where the traffic growing in most comments, social shares will help to create content patterns and architecture. The 3 main components of architecture should be scalable, crawlable and local sitelinks for popular categories which cause upstream sub directories to receive authority translating into higher rankings.

5. Practice 5: Some of your online external website  activity will significantly increase the traffic like Starting forum, facebook group on your website drives traffic. Posting content to LinkedIn,  Promoting your blog post to email list, guest posting on relevant blogs, include links to other relevant post on your blog, submitting post to Reddit, Alltop,Stumbleupon, etc will drives traffic. When you quote someone in your blog post, be sure to @ mention them in your tweet when you promote your post.

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

SEO for Commercial Website - Basics

      If you want to uncover the missed opportunity and to make your website more easily found in search, check the SEO health of your website. It is necessary to take clear action plan for fixing the SEO problems.

Features & Qualities of SEO application are,

  1. Keyword Research:
         Keywords are window into what user want, the user intent. Keyword research is to discover the content demand. Google Trend will help you to see how phrases are trending up ,trending down, trending in cyclical pattern and identify regional patterns. Understanding cyclical and regional patterns will help you when to roll out certain kinds of content and also to understand to focus link building for certain phrases in the regions, since those phrase will be popular in that region.

When developing the keyword strategy for ecommerce website, the first is to define the sales problem the business wishes to solve.

  The real goals are,

         a. Sales
                   In SEO, the sales category calls as Money Phrases. Money Phrases are keyword phrases that are associated with a high level of sales. Aside from obvious phrases containing words like "buy" in them, there are additional set of keyword phrases that indicate a user intent to make an immediate purchase. Some of the money phrase keyword categories are,
           competitor comparison,
           discount price searches,
           product reviews and ratings,
           coupon code searches,
           searches for sale etc.,

         b. Building awareness of your website, products, services
         c. Ad clicks and Ad Impression etc.,

     The  Important things to consider in keyword research are,

               a. Proper keyword strategy  grows your site to become authoritative, expert and trustworthy.
               b. Identify the user intent, then set about satisfying that intent
               c. Integrate user experience into your keyword strategy

  2. Rank Tracking:
                Keywords and Pages are responsible for Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Track the keywords to discover the opportunities and improve the rankings.  Track the selected rankings data over time to see which efforts are making the most impact as well as scheduled reports to stay informed on changes. Track the geo targeted keyword rankings at the local, national, city and neighborhood levels.  The competitive analysis helps to understand who ranks for which keywords.

  Improve your visibility :  Identify the SERP features that drive traffic to your site. Optimize your page content and improve your rankings and ultimately your sales. You can boost the performance by finding and fixing the page issues uncovered by crawlers.

   3. Link Building:
         Link building is a sure fire way to drive your website to the cherished google top. Link building can turn challenging SEO job when it comes to finding first-rate link partners and managing them. Once you found the potential link exchange partners you've only won half the battle. It is not just the quantity, it's the quality of your link partners that matters when it comes to search engine rankings. The way you continually monitor the  link partnerships add value to your websites link popularity and appropriate action.  Create a professional-looking link directory that perfectly matches your website and impress your link partners.

    * Learn Backlinks in SEO and advantageous of Backlinks
    * Backlinks Tips and Advice
    * Submit your website to this bulk search engine directories , Free Web DirectoriesFree High PR DirectoriesInstant approval directoryList-of-review-submission-sites

  4. Onsite SEO:
             It is the process to make sure your web pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure are optimized for your target keywords. Also, you need to ensure that you have a significant inbound links from highly respected external websites.
Optimization needs to be done in the following areas,
                1. Page Titles
                2. Meta Descriptions
                3. Meta Tags
                4. URL Structure
                5. Body Tags (H1,H2,H3,H4 etc)
                6. Keyword Density
                7. Image SEO
                8. Internal Linking

  a. Ensure your SEO content follows best practices for on page optimization. Get an actionable list of opportunity to improve SEO.
  b. Get an SEO checklist : Get an actionable list of SEO tasks to improve search engine rankings. Following the instructions will help you fully optimize your content.

 5. Backlink Auditing:
              It is almost and always performed when domain is in trouble. The key to do good audit of any is to collect reliable data and place it in a format is as easy as possible to digest and work with. while there is a lot of data to deal with in spreadsheets, any less data you wouldn't have as a full picture. You've now got a list of all of your inbound backlinks, but that's not particularly useful. what we want to do next is to gather unified data for  them all. For this purpose, use URL Profiler to import the links in your spreadsheet.

   If you want to look for the low quality links in URL profiler,  select the following in domain-level data,

      - Majestic
      - Moz
      - Ahref
      - Social Shares
      - Site Type
      - IP Address

once the URL profiler is done, you can open the spreadsheet with the results. It will look something like this,

  You can also perform the backlink audit with SEOPowersuite and ged  rid of the ones that are hurting your rankings. Submit your site in  Website Promotion Directory Web-Directories for free.
Active Search Results

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

ECommerce Trends - Improve Online Strategy

    Ecommerce has a bright and shiny future.  If you are setting up an ecommerce site for the first time, there are signs of bigger trend to keep an eye on,  that has the power to impact bottom line. It is important to create something that visitors will love. Technology now makes its possible to improve customer experiences. To better serve them by creating more personalized, customized brand experience. Ecommerce site is a place where people go to learn, be inspired and be immersed into a brand's universe.

         Business continue to innovate and get an edge on the competition. It require outside-the-box thinking. You have to be able to see the possibilities where others might see none. Web is borderless. A smart strategy given the breadth of options it provides, including the use of a progressive approach reduces the financial burden of expansion.

      An element in broader story about the product is the star in business. It makes sense to visually appealing content to create something that people want to share and increase conversion rate. Making your entire product selection available and providing rich content or information for every item is a serious challenge for any business. Product information plays important role in product evaluation. It is an valuable asset that you can build on.


Here are some of the bigger trends to expand your online strategy,

1.Common UI Patterns :

          User experience of website helps shoppers to find what they are looking for and purchase. It is important in designing of user interface of your site that aren't any inconsistencies in navigating it. It should reduces the friction and make sure people can scan, search, browse, select and add new products to their cart in seamless way.

2. Customized Product Demonstrations:

                Product demonstration is another compelling way to showcase what your products to offer and how they work. Add more features to initial base product and give a live demonstration of how the product will actually look and function. This way consumer knows exact product they want.

3. Personalization and Contextual Shopping:

        An common UI patterns can help provide your customers with a consistent experiences. The big trend is personalization. It means homepage might change depending on the products a customer viewed on their last visit.

4. Real-time Analytics:

          Data is invaluable resources in helping you determine how your business is doing. As you monitor customer and shopper behaviour, you will be able to identify the problems in your sales funnel. When you repair the problems on the fly or interact with the customer before she or he abandons the cart, you will be able to increase your conversion rate dramatically.

 5. Live Action Customer Engagement :

      According to Gallup, there are 3 types of customer:actively disengaged, indifferent and fully engaged.

     There are several methods that retailers can use to actively engage customers. Those are,

       - Quoting them in blog to help repeat customer visits and encourage interaction.

       - Answering the question via video or written post

       - Sending important update via email or newsletter

       - Sharing valuable links and content through social network

       - Creating an interactive ecommerce design

       - Advertising the special offers etc

     According to the report,

   - 51% of shoppers will try one time or just give up if they do not have support during shopping experiences

  - 76% will try at least one time post shopping to get the support they need before giving up

       There are some trends that set new benchmarks and that create a new baseline for ecommerce as a whole. Software Solutions that paved the way for more enriched customer experience and more robust back end retailers.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Customer Expectations from Online Store

          The amount of information that's available at the speed of light and in the palm of people hands makes nearly everyone expect more. Consumers have the power of choice and world of online retailers at their fingertips. If your online store doesn't fulfill the needs, they will just go to your competitor. So, Your store should be fast enough to load the products and get order online. The time and speed as well as convenience of e business model is what prompting them to opt for online purchase. Brand that promises certain quality and customer experiences. The success lies in understanding customer expectation using technology to build and deliver value proposition to customer and customer delight.

        The average customer expects the following things. But, it is always essential the company should go above and beyond,
           * Timely, knowledgeable, friendly communication for their pre and post purchase,

           * Exactly what they ordered,
           * Reasonable Return Policy

     Here are some of the other customer expectations and the companies should meet them,

    Expectation No.1: More Personalized Shopping Experience

    Expectation No.2: More Options and Constant Contact

    Expectation No.3: Listen Closely and Respond quickly

    Expectation No.4: Credibility and Trustworthy

    Expectation No:5: Pricing Information clearly stated

    Expectation No.6: Visually Appealing

    Expectation No.7: Privacy Statement/ Customer Reviews

Steps to follow for exceeding expectations, every time are,

      1. It begins with the understanding of your customer touch points.  A touch point is a single interaction a visitor or customer has with your brand. Every single touch point has the opportunity to meet, exceed or fail customer expectations.

     Break out the touch points your visitor/customer to have with your brand,

      Pre Purchase                                               During Purchase                                 Post Purchase
     Social Media                                                 Product Images                              Purchase invoice
         Chat                                                          Product Descriptions                      Package delivery
      Advertisement/ Marketing                         Contact Page                                  Thank you Notes
      Email Enquiry                                             Checkout Experience                      Return Policy

Once you choose a touch point to focus on, Think about with your customer of  "what the average person expect from this? Then, focus on meeting the exceeding expectations.

  2. Identify other Touch Points to improve,
        * Improve About Page
        * Improve Product Video
        * Improve Product Descriptions
        * Improve Checkout Experience
        * Improve Packaging
        * Improve Package Inserts

3. Acquire Feedback : 
          Finally, Ask your customer for feedback. If you have done a great job, you will most likely receive positive emails.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How to evaluate ECommerce Product ?

           Once you selected the product for your ecommerce website, it is necessary to put your product  in microscopic view for the chances of success. Use the evaluation criteria for better understanding of strength and weakness of your product which will avoid the pitfall and increase the chance of success.

       The essential criteria for the market success are,
                   1. Evaluating market demand ?
                      Market demand is evaluated by keyword research tool in Bing ads/google adwords. Filter out the keywords with high competition. you can also see  the keywords with high search volume and less competitive. Validating an product or idea is important which will helps you to get a sense of potential market or lack of market, for your product idea before  spending a lot of time and money on it.

                 2. Is it trending, fad, stable or growing market?
                      Understanding where your product can play a huge role in success or failure. Trend is the lucrative market. Trend lead long term growing market which can be difficult to predict. Fad is that grows in popularity for short period of time and dies out as quickly. Stable market is neither declining nor growing but maintains itself for long period of time. Growing market shows the sign of consistent growth and permanent market shift.

                 3. Identifying the target Customers :
                     It is great  to be aware of type of  your customer you would likely be selling to and their online purchasing. You will need to tailor your online store to accommodate the target customers.

                 4. Is your product scalable?
                      If you are still in the launching phase, it is obvious to think about the future and growth of the business. But, the scalability is important to build the business model right from the start.

                 5. Does a product resolve the problem?
                        It is always an advantage to sell the product that serve the passion, relieve the pain or solve the problem. If the product that satisfy the requirement of the customer which the customers are seeking out the solution to the problem is an additional benefit to sell the product.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

ECommerce Product Sales

                The biggest challenges for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs face is figuring out what to sell online. Although coming up with great product ideas  is tough and it will feels like everything has been done. Still, there are golden opportunity for successful products being launched all the times. Some of the strategies help you start generating product ideas that your customer get in on the actions,

   1. Use your experience:
              Turn your experience into your online business is a best way to enter into market so that others may not easy to duplicate your work.

   2. Identifying the customer Pain Point:
            Identifying the frustrating or poor experience of customer and to resolve the problem is the another way to increase the sales of the product.

   3. Identifying the customer Passions:
           Deeper interaction and loyalty with your brand  for the passionate consumers makes more involved in the industry and buying process.

   4. Keep up your Passion:
           Building an ecommerce business requires lot of hard work. Only the passion helps to carry you  through the tough times. In order to succeed in ecommerce business, you need to be passionate about the product to sell in the industry. Keep motivating is the key to carry your business at difficult periods.

   5. Identify the problem in Product:
                   The improved product feature, identifying the problem or deficiency of product or identifying what you can do different  from others currently doing provides the great opportunity to sell the product.

 Also, the efficient product page boost sales of the business process at all the times. The typical elements of the product page designing are,

         1. Unique Title of the Product
         2. Thorough Product Shots

         3. Well Placed Call-to-action

         4. Powerful Product Description

      The added features of the following elements will increase the sales of your product drastically in your ecommerce business like,

           1. Customer Ratings

           2. Displaying Product Options(size,color, attribute, qty etc)

           3. Displaying the price
           4. Payment Information

           5. Social share buttons

           6. Photos of the Product(With Enable Zoom)

           7. Providing Long Description of Product

           8. Instruction Manual or User Guide etc.,

           So, choose the appropriate way to showcase your product which can drive users to continue to checkout or click away from the store.



Monday, 4 January 2016

Ecommerce Web Applications

The Essential Elements for Implementing E commerce Website for the client projects are,

1. Great Content is the Key to Success
             High Quality Content and images builds brand awareness, social media shares and search engine visibility. Web pages contain fairly limited amount of content in order to keep the focus clear and the line of communications easy to follow.
   “Sometimes a lot of content organized neatly into a small space is a great thing.”

2. Easy to use Design
         Well combination of content, design and navigation brings great user experience of websites. Themes and colors brings the visitor moods.

   Design Theory:
       Color, balance, flow, proportion and spacing are the essential thing to be able to see when working on projects. Understanding why you do, what you do and why that creates well balanced aesthetic are important for design decisions. Foundation in the basics will help you master any project.
    Design Issues for SaaS Application:
              User Interface has lot of things, and how we put them together that makes sense is called as Layout.
        Product Workflow:
                  In order to get something to be done in less time makes more UX points.
        Visual Design:
                 If your product looks beautiful, it will be more used along with the products that just works.
              Every UX designer needs to design the form that are easier to fill so that to increase usage of website.

    “Being able to design something that effectively works for a wide variety of circumstances makes you a valuable asset.”

3. Effortless Call-To-Action(CTA)
          The CTA  like "Add to Cart", "Buy Now", "Get it Now" tell the user to get know what they want. Strategize the plan for better performing CTA. When considering visual appearance of CTA, you can optimize placement, color, shape, style, language, acquisition technique, multiple location, take over modals that appear after X seconds or X pixels scroll etc. Overall, the CTA should be crisp, clean and directive. Implement, Measure and Iterate.

4. Effective Site Structure
         Site Structure like number of pages, links to the pages, right graphics and icons are the foundation of good design. The important aspect in site structure is site navigation. Design the website for the user that are looking for and give them a clear path to answers. Never allow them to dead end.

5. Providing Great Support to Website
            Even you designed an awesome website, you could still have the issues. So, you might need right customer support, feedback and queries. Take the feedback from customer  to engage them and integrate good suggestion for the next version of website.

          If you implement these elements in the website, it will increase the brand trust and reliability along with sign ups, purchases and retentions.