Tuesday, 31 May 2016

ECommerce Product Sales

                The biggest challenges for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs face is figuring out what to sell online. Although coming up with great product ideas  is tough and it will feels like everything has been done. Still, there are golden opportunity for successful products being launched all the times. Some of the strategies help you start generating product ideas that your customer get in on the actions,

   1. Use your experience:
              Turn your experience into your online business is a best way to enter into market so that others may not easy to duplicate your work.

   2. Identifying the customer Pain Point:
            Identifying the frustrating or poor experience of customer and to resolve the problem is the another way to increase the sales of the product.

   3. Identifying the customer Passions:
           Deeper interaction and loyalty with your brand  for the passionate consumers makes more involved in the industry and buying process.

   4. Keep up your Passion:
           Building an ecommerce business requires lot of hard work. Only the passion helps to carry you  through the tough times. In order to succeed in ecommerce business, you need to be passionate about the product to sell in the industry. Keep motivating is the key to carry your business at difficult periods.

   5. Identify the problem in Product:
                   The improved product feature, identifying the problem or deficiency of product or identifying what you can do different  from others currently doing provides the great opportunity to sell the product.

 Also, the efficient product page boost sales of the business process at all the times. The typical elements of the product page designing are,

         1. Unique Title of the Product
         2. Thorough Product Shots

         3. Well Placed Call-to-action

         4. Powerful Product Description

      The added features of the following elements will increase the sales of your product drastically in your ecommerce business like,

           1. Customer Ratings

           2. Displaying Product Options(size,color, attribute, qty etc)

           3. Displaying the price
           4. Payment Information

           5. Social share buttons

           6. Photos of the Product(With Enable Zoom)

           7. Providing Long Description of Product

           8. Instruction Manual or User Guide etc.,

           So, choose the appropriate way to showcase your product which can drive users to continue to checkout or click away from the store.