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The Top Secrets in B2B Lead Generation Strategy


        B2B lead generation is the right combination of an offer, CTA, and landing pages to access and nurture your audience. Lead generation requires the certain amount of time, effort, and money. But, with the proper tools and knowledge, you can speed up the process and makes the life lot easier. A key part of the process is having the right CTA that draws your audience to your offer.
         According to the research,  B2B businesses using the landing pages to generate new sales lead for future conversion. B2B content strategy drives your site moving the leads toward the designated goal. If you don't have many leads, there is a disconnect somewhere in your content. So, discover how to create content that effectively captures leads and drives them down your sales funnel. Companies using content marketing in the marketing strategy saw a conversion rate six times higher than the competitors. A well-considered content marketing strategy and well crafted and high-quality content is the root of success for many B2B companies.
Craft Content that Wins:  Before you begin to write any of your content you want to review, what you are already sharing to get a sense of what your audience finds are important. The goal is to get the attention. So, you need to focus on two key areas: keywords and virality. When the customer performs searches, they are looking for a solution to their problem. Make sure that you know what problems are and demonstrate that you have the answers. There are 3 types of contents available when creating the content for your business apart from the original content. Those are
     * Curated Content: You and your audience will benefit when you curate content because it allows you to,
     - Demonstrate your ability to analyze and add value to the content topics
     - Organize the information to make it easier to understand
     - Provide a viewpoint on an old idea to make it usable
     - Inspire trust in you as a thought leader
     - Create content that supplements your original content that provides quality and quantity
The key to curating the article is to be able to quickly find the content that will be most valuable to the audience.
    * Repurpose the Content: When you repurpose the other people's content, you can change the format, update the material or both, Repurposing helps you,
      - Spread the idea: to extend the reach of ideas by giving new audiences the chance to see it
      - Provide a variety of Formats: You can increase the reach of the content
      - Makes cost-effective: By repurposing the other peoples content, you can save the cost of original research.
    * Social Curation of content: An another popular way to create content is to share links from other relevant sources of news on social platforms. This type of content is popular because your audience cannot spend all time searching sites such as twitter or facebook. You can use the tools feedly( and buffer( to find interesting social content to curate.
     Keep in mind the following things when Crafting the Content for your audience,
1. Build Buyer Persona: To get a concrete idea of your audience, you need to answer these questions,
    * What is your audience pain points?
    * What does your audience want to learn up to their performance or their company?
    * What sites and social network does your audience frequently find your content?
    * What kind of content liked and shared?
    * What will their needs at each stage of the funnel?
Once you know your target audience, it is easier to create content. Also, you will discover that your audience will segment into particular sector based on your answer to the questions.
 2. Tell Stories that Build Value: Approach each piece of the content with dedicated content strategy. What do you want the content to do? Will you help someone to start out? How can your content educate someone to take the next step and become a lead? Answering those question will guide you on what type of content to create? Collaborate with influencers. They will ease the journey from passive to engaged lead.
3. Pay Careful attention to your Brand:  Your Brand needs authority, credibility, and personality. Prospects won't stick around and become leads unless they feel an attachment to your company. So, you need a content marketing strategy that focuses on specific topics and issues your audience will care about.
4. Demonstrate Value: Use the factual information to prove the value of your product or service. How many people have used your product or service? Are sales doubling? Use the answer to those questions as proof points? What other number and facts can you use to enhance your credibility?

Here are the best ways to generate the qualified leads with content marketing,
1, Offer Lead Magnets with Facebook Ads:  Facebook provides you with a huge audience that is available to see your message 24 hrs a day. It is very easy to use platform that helps you target your audience in a deep and rich way. By targeting and paying for Facebook traffic, you can amplify your message well beyond the organic sharing. You need to be strategic and look at the posts that are getting more engagement.  Facebook allows you to choose different aspects of your audience including,
        * Demographics - choose the location, age, and gender
        * Interests - You can choose to target the people who use services or tools that relate to your industry
  For ex, If you sell the website design, you might find people who are in the process of starting the business. So, you would target the people who are the business owners, entrepreneurs, executives etc.,
        The lead magnet is the valuable piece of content related to your target audience. Whatever content you chose, it must be valuable enough for them to give you their information., You must make your leads to easiest step possible and sign up for the email list. This way you can build a strong relationship outside of the platform. Facebook's advanced technology has made targeting qualified leads much easier.
2. Insert content upgrades: Content upgrade is the less intense lead magnet and it is proven way to double email opt-in rates. A visitor who is consuming your content will be nicely interrupted by a box offering the more valuable information. To get the most leads, your upgrade should be relevant to the content you're discussing. Embed the lead boxes repeatedly into your content page. Wishpond's conversion rates are recorded 1,650% conversion increase from their usual blogging strategy.
3. Guest blogging; A guest post is a post that has been written and accepted for publication to a popular blog. It exposes that writer to people who might not be aware of the company's brand. Write for a guest blog in their niche or industry. It is very effective because you're collaborating with sites that have succeeded in capturing your target audience attention. Follow these steps to capture the leads through guest blogs,
  * Research popular blogs or podcasts in your target leads niche
  * Brainstorm evergreen ideas that will benefit from your audience
  * Create a lead magnet connected to your email marketing service
To build a great lead magnet, it has to be highly relevant to the content of the guest post and the overall theme of your target blog. It can help you in several areas,
     - Company Brand Awareness:  It can help the new audience find your brand
     - Personal Thought Leader status: It can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise as well as serve as a sample your writing skills.
     - Product and Service Exposure: It drives the sales of product or service that is discovered when readers go to your site after reading your post.
     - Link building: You are building the links to other popular sites.
     - Social Proof: It demonstrates that another blogger deems your content worthy of a posting on his or her site.
     - Traffic: New readers visit your site and spend time on it
     - Sharability: It has the great potential for having your content shared on a social platform
4. Long Tail SEO: People who search on google are intently seeking for your content. But to convert the qualified leads, you must be selective with keyword choice. The more specific keyword is better. It is important to rank for long tail keywords that your target leads are searching for and you need to satisfy their search with relevant and thoughtful content. When visitor realizes that you have what they are looking for, they become more likely join your email list.
5. Publish high-quality content on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the #1 social media network for the B2B lead generation conversion. To grow your business brand on linkedIn, you need to develop and publish high-quality content that your audience or connections desire. Just make sure every article you publish on LinkedIn is the best content. With LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to build authority among your fellow peers.

And, These CTA best practices help you optimize your lead generation,
 1. Be clear and to the Point CTA:  When you promote an offer, avoid the tricks and be crystal clear and specific about what you are offering. And your CTA should convey a compelling benefit of receiving your order. The Download Now or Get a Free Trial does a good job in a specific offering of your business.
2. Design a CTA should stand out: Your goal should be to have as many sets of eyes on that CTA as possible. Use the contrasting colors and images that the CTA light up and you can use that knowledge to create the feelings and emotions you want in your audience.
3. Make your CTA clickable: Design and style icon to entice someone to click. Consider a 3-D appearance, motion graphic or color change when a visitor scrolls over them, or simply shape your CTA to distinguish them from other content. All it makes your audience to click.
4. Link your CTA to the specific landing page: A call to action creates the opportunity to send an interested audience member to a page that will convert them into a lead. Your landing page has one main focus - to capture leads. So, remove all the links and information that could distract people from your offer. You should have one clear-cut page with one purpose: your offer.
5. Use the Thank you Page and Emails: When a person completes the form on your website, they are typically redirected to thank you page. Your B2B customers gave the contact information indicating that they are truly interested in your offer. Use your Thank you channels to promote your offer and related content.

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