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How to Optimize SaaS Product and Service Page for Customer Success?

      Successful SaaS businesses figured out how to quickly establish themselves as an authority through effective digital marketing techniques including the utilization of content marketing and the best SEO software for startups. Brands that are able to introduce their product and educate the audience first are the ones who rise to the top, while the rest slowly fizzles out. Build a rich educational content around the core aspects of your product, and most importantly, show how it delivers value to prospective users.
Illustrate Knowledge of your industry:  Create valuable content that answers your customer needs. SaaS startup needs to emphasize why they are an authority in the industry. The great way to showcase brand's value is to illustrate the brand's knowledge in their field. Blogging improves your website's relevancy for improved rankings and will educate your audience that helps your readers to customers. Let the journalist in your industry know about your SaaS product and if it offers an unique value, people should know about it.
Co-ordinate Low touch, High-velocity Sales, and High touch, Lower velocity Sales: Customer retention starts with on-boarding. Understanding where customers encounter issues helps you improve the processes and allows you to resolve problems. Many SaaS companies have a variety of daily signups. It is crucial that sales and marketing are able to identify high potential leads to offer those leads best fit onboarding consultation and to deliver the right level of support during the on-boarding process.
General Tips and Myths for SaaS Success: 
1. Create Sales Presentation focused on customer Success: When you love the product you are selling, it is easy to fall in love with different features. Your customers want to know how your product can help them, not how many features it has. Share success stories from customers who have been able to achieve goals similar to your prospect's goals and it will increase your conversion rates. To successfully share the stories, follow the situation, solution, success formula
     - Tell a story about a satisfied client using the client own words to illustrate the situation. Imagine one of your client asking for help; how would you articulate their challenge or problem
    - The solution can be delivered in your own words. For ex, This is what we did to help client X.
    - The success has to be in the client words. This is because only your client words can adequately express how wonderful your product/service/solution is.
2. Create your ideal customer profile for B2B SaaS Leads: An ideal customer profile is the description of an organization which gets significant value from using your product/service and provides significant value to your company. It is how to create an ideal customer profile to attract high-quality-sales-leads.
3. Give Product Demo that Sells:  Structuring successful demo is something you will get better with the experience. When you are demoing the feature, always give your prospects the big picture first. They should never watch your demo something and not know what the purpose of it is. So, here are the best ways to automate your sales pipeline management and achieve these things,
  - You give them the context of what it is you are about to show them and help them to understand how they will benefit from this.
 - You have engaged them by making them say something,
 - You've confirmed that the feature you will demonstrate is actually relevant to them, ensuring you make the best use of the time you have with your prospect.
    An effective demo as much an art as a science. You must have the competency and passion. As Maya Angeloy stated, "People will forget what you said,  People will forget what you did, but People will never forget how you made them feel". Make your prospect feel great about you and your product.
4. The product doesn't Sell itself: If you want to sell successfully, focus on creating a desire for your product and deliver the value.
Design Issues of SaaS Application: 
        There are four important aspects of your website design. Those are,
Layout: User Interface has a lot of things, how you put them together in a way that makes sense is what we called layout. With new trends, new user habits and multiple devices to consider, nailing good layout crucial to the usability of your app.
Product WorkFlow: It is what we get something to get done. How do I do it? The less time it takes the more UX points we win.
Visual design: It is not enough that products just work. It is important to look attractive too. If it is attractive, it will be used very frequently.
Forms: It is important for generating the leads from your website. Every UX designer needs to design the form that is easier to fill. We can't live without them.
     There is a product feature that brilliantly drives growth or there's a feature that's so on-point with the needs of the target user that buzz becomes inevitable. SaaS development pretty much goes hand in hand with agile methodology. Rapid iterations make constant opportunities, as there's always an upcoming development cycle to aim for with new feature that can change the game. Here are the best methods to develop the features in your SaaS product,
      1. By compiling the feedback and data identifies the features that will drive growth. By truly understanding your users want that eventually find useful and drive SaaS growth.
     2. From other product users, you can get a lot of incremental ideas and use the tool in your business or your customers, to validate that the product really solves what it's supposed to be. After implementing the product feature, make sure you have analytics in place to see if the feature really drives growth in your business.
    3. SaaS features that help user to perform a specific task easily and quickly. Ideally, this will be the task the user does regularly. It is often better to focus on small improvements than to chase new feature.
   4. Send them a survey including three to five of the features you are thinking about building. But, you haven't gotten around yet, it is a great way of validating something people actually want. This process works if you don't have ideas narrowed down.
   5. The best way to go SaaS product is by closely monitoring your users to understand the behavior and identify the gaps. Look your users who signed up in the last four weeks and identify where they get stuck and drop out or differs from what you expected. These gaps become the foundations for new feature ideas that lead to prototypes and validation.
   6. An excellent way to identify the growth driving features for your SaaS product is to reverse engineer your ultimate goal. Identify your desired KPI to measure your success and make sure it is realistic and achievable.
Designing a SaaS Product: It does not just require an idea for the SaaS Product on the Web. It requires a clear plan of how it will work and which features you will support. It also means a lot of UX planning from the wireframing to detailed mockups. Here are the best ideas to keep in mind during your build of a website,
 1. Above the Fold Value Proposition: Value proposition communicates what makes your business unique? What do you do better than everyone else? It is the one-sentence selling point to the visitor that sums up your entire product. In other words,
      What you do + Why you do it best = Value Proposition
FreshBooks described the Value Proposition as,

2. Call to Action: It tells the user to do some action. Most call to action in SaaS websites to tell the user to sign up. It asks for an email address, which leads to a free trial. Others ask users to login using facebook or twitter. You can also see that "Get Started" button. Do some testing and see what call to action message works best.
3. Product Pictures: It is important that your website has the pictures of your software so that your user can see each feature of the product along with its screenshots. Some people want to read about the features, while others will want to see them. But most people want both of them. So, write about the features that look with your software.
4. Easy to find Contact Information:  Typically, Contact Us information posted at either at the top or bottom of the website. Wherever you decide to post yours, make it visible and clear. Visitors should be able to find your telephone number quickly. If they cannot find contact us right away, they will simply leave your website. It is best to highlight your telephone number on the homepage. It increases conversion and sales.
5. Product Demo: Some visitors want to try your product right away without having to sign up for a free trial. Visitors want the ability to try out a product without having to go through the technical work. Generally, demos are best served when they are just a click away. Make it easy, clear and simple. For users who use your demo, try upselling them by having a small text box reminding that they can sign up for a free trial.
6. Free Trial Offer: Free trails are those who want to use their data and test your product with businesses. The trial period could be two to four weeks that don't require a credit card. Some company's offer their product for a month before they decide to continue the subscription. So, it is common for all Saas companies to offer a trial.

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