Friday, 15 September 2017

5 Customer Engagement & Retention Method You Must Try


        You can find opportunities for business growth when you meet customers in the real world. The great way to begin a new relationship and an added benefit are that recipients are more likely to engage with your call-to-action(CTA). So, provide useful information to your prospects so that they are inclined to learn more and click through on your website. Recognize that your customers are choosing to do business. Humanize your business and convey its mission and values through your tone, voice and imagery. Let them know they are appreciated by your business.
         Customer Engagement is critical for brands. Learning what your customers want, and giving it to them, building brand loyalty and advocacy to foster for life are important. But there are swift and easy wins that can kick-start the process. It is absolutely crucial to make updates and introduce new infrastructure and technology based on what customer wants and how best to meet their needs etc.,
          The cloud-based technology for customer engagement is more flexible and cost- effective that can be implemented quickly and demonstrate results at speed. It places the ownership in the hands of the business user and making it more agile, actionable, responsive to customer needs.

     Follow these process to your customer group you wish to target,

1. Solve your Customer's Problem: First, clearly define their problem. Listen to how they describe the problem and get feedback and the proposed solutions. Propose solving the problem for the people to see if the solution is viable and the price point would work best.

2. Craft your message for your audience:  Keep simple, clear and relevant message for your audience. Use customer persona worksheet to craft your message. Keep the focus on your customer. Test , learn and iterate.

3. Keep your online Presence Simple:  Keep your initial website simple as the landing page with essential elements. Ensure that these 3 key elements are present in your initial landing page,
    - Contact Form: The goal of your web page is to turn the visitor into leads. You can accomplish with a simple web form that visitors to submit their name, email and address and the relevant information require to be onboard.
    - Social media links: Make sure your business available to your customer and include relevant social media profiles.
    - Start a blog: Blog allows you to gain credibility and presence with in your market for the long term. Generally, People are more interested in what value you provide.

4. Create Reliable Sales Documentation: Sales documentation helps to increase productivity and their conversion rates.  When you sell your products, you can notice patterns and trends. The vast majority of customers have common objections and questions. They may react in a similar manner to the words you use, your replies and sales tactics. So, document the proven pitches and responses. The 3 critical pieces of sales documentation are,
      - Email Templates and Call Scripts:  Test few pitches to see what works well and then stick to them. Make use at every time you make a sales call  or cold email, use proven one. Scripts and templates for the situations at cold email, follow-up email and calls, and closing calls.
      - FAQ's: Prospects might have the same questions, issues, and concerns. Compile their questions and effectively answer them with responses.
     - Objection Management Document: It is a collection of most common sales objection on market. Start by writing 15-20 common objections. Then, provide 1-5 sentence response for each.
              Follow these tips when you sell your Product to the Customer

5.  Use Facebook for lead generation: Facebook helps you reach new audiences. Using facebook, you can create a community around businesses, promote the content you create, and develop a strong brand identity. Apply this to your facebook business page,
   - Look for New Friends : In your existing network and see someone become a customer or they refer.
   - Look at your Fan Page: Reach out to the moderator that is closely related to your industry or niche. Ask if they would post something on your behalf to their page.
   - Run the targeted Ads: Consider running small scale test of Facebook ads to a specific landing page.
  - Retarget your Visitors: Install tracking pixel and retarget people who visit your website without engaging with you.
  - Find out the customers that go for the answers: Facebook graph search helps to find what news sources your ideal buyers rely on. They might do something with hashtag and topic search on twitter, LinkedIn and google+ .

Mistakes to be avoided for Customer Retention are,

1. Design a website in Customizable Template: If you design the website in a non-customizable template, their access to the functionality of the website is restricted. This will also restrict the creative changes in the design as well.

2. Follow the SEO Rules :  Ignoring the SEO tricks and rules means that your site failing in search in rankings and  search result pages. A well-optimized site will show up on top of the results on the web and the potential customer get your website instantly and click it.

3. Avoid using Multiple Fonts:  Too many fonts can send confusing signals to the visitor. Multiple fonts can make the site non-serious and unprofessional. So, prefer using not more than two fonts.

4. Avoid Complicated Navigation:  Links in the home page must take your visitors only to the relevant and important pages to the website. The navigational links must also be at the right place on the web.pages.

5. Avoid Poor Quality Images:  Generic images will put your potential customers to explore your website further. Poor images will hinder in converting visitors into loyal customers of your products and services. Also, it gives the bad impression of your business. Instead, use high-quality images in your website for the customer engagement with your brand.

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