Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How to Setup Seriously Simple Selling Online Store?


      The Online Store offers entrepreneurs a chance to build a brand with relatively low barriers to enter the market. Unlike brick-and-mortar store, you can launch your eCommerce storefront and begin selling online in less than 30 days. All you need is,

     * Choose the Product to Sell Online
     * Customize your Web site
     * Set up Shopping Cart & Payment Methods
     * Add content to your Website & Market your Brand

The main advantage of your online store is to reach a larger audience and grow your sales exponentially. Also, you can sell your products by 24/7 which is not possible in offline. This makes the eCommerce, a great industry to build your business.

 Best Products to Sell Online Store:
    Here are the few questions to consider, when you decide to sell the products online,
            1.  Who is going to purchase your product?  This is the group of consumers or target audience that has a means and desire to purchase your product.
            2. Is the product will being Marketable? The unique and compelling descriptions of your online product will differentiate from your competitor and the driving force of your brand.
            3.  Life of the Product : This is how to run the eCommerce business and the product lasts for these many days. Note that, Customer service is easier to manage for the product with longer lifespan.
            4.  Product Manufacturing and Shipping Plan: You need to decide how your products will be produced and shipped. And you need to manage deliveries of your product.

Efficient Techniques to Stretch the Sales Funnel of your eCommerce Store:
      1. UI/UX Design: UI is the combination of pages, banners, icons, buttons and other elements are to be placed on the website. Whereas UX is responsible for enhancing consumer behaviour and providing ease and pleasure to the customer while interacting with product or website.
     2. After Sale Support: Once the product is delivered to the customer, keep check on them if they like the product or not. Does it fit with the needs? Is it functioning properly? If they are happy with your product, you can ask them to review a product / service at the same very same time. Remember that,

    Satisfied Customer is equal to Good Review is equal to Enhanced Brand Value is equal to Increased Sales

    3. Customers love Discount/Coupons : Customers believe that their buying behaviour in selecting the brand is affected by coupons. If you are a startup and having trouble building with the brand, the discount/coupons will definitely help out in getting brand mentions.
    4. Effective Email Marketing:  Email marketing is the best tool to stretch your sales funnel if done properly and precisely. Add attractive images, good content and be precise.
    5. Expert Reviews: There are several ways to get reviews. You can ask some experts in your industry to review your products/business.
    6. Easy and Secure Check Out: Don't push your customer to enter all the personal details for checkout. Satisfy them to believe you that their details are safe and sound with you. Add SSL certificates to your website
   7. Product Placements: Smart Search console is a need of any eCommerce store where you have to provide an option to your customer with respect to price, type range, color range, sizes, delivery time and any other features which are required.
  8. Establish your Brand: Start creating brand identity as soon as you start your business. Starting with your logo is the turning point for your brand. Brand develop trust, builds the financial value of firms, generate new customers. Start adding your store to local business directories, create social media channels, collect reviews, associate experts with your brand and follow the cycle.
   Also, these actionable SEO Tips get more traffic and rankings to your eCommerce store,

1. Enticing Title Tags: Write more descriptive title tags that are relevant to your competitive advantage. For ex, If you are selling the product of "laptop "in your store, the title tag could be,
" The Best Laptop's for your Business and Personal - My Online Store"
rather than,
     Laptop Store - My Online Business
2. Better Product Descriptions: The longer content ranks better. Create a comprehensive list of all the features and benefits of each product and add that to each page.
3. Send Products for Reviews: Find bloggers in your niche and ask them to review the product in exchange for the product.
4. Create Buyer's Guide Articles: In buyers guide include a bunch of related terms that will help to increase page rank and attract traffic from long tail terms.
5. Add Buy Online to your Product Page Title Tags: In your eCommerce store, you should add the terms "Buy Online" to your product title tags. This will get you more qualified traffic and comes down to sales funnel. Each time someone search for "Product X Buy Online", it is pretty sure that they have high purchase intention
6. Run Promotions for Easy Links, Mentions: Everyone loves good promotion. Once the offer is created reach out to influencers, Facebook groups, Competition pages and forums to promote your giveaway.
7. Schema Markup for Product Reviews:  Using schema markup you can add reviews to each product page. Once you setup correctly, you will receive a star rating on the SERP that will entice clicks away from your competitors.


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