Tuesday, 29 August 2017

7 Best Methods of Brand Marketing Strategy to Boost Businesses

         Branding is crucial for products and services in huge consumer markets. With attractive growth prospects, brands have a tough task ahead of them.  In order to win the customer,  Brands need to think beyond the conventional marketing methods. They have to explore your products.  They need to create experiences and sell them. In order to create long lasting impressions on the minds of your target customers, make sure you have a unique and credible story.
         The well crafted brand story will invoke an emotional response.  Its how brands connect with prospects and consumers on a personal level. Brand story greatly enhance the interest and engagement between company and its customers. It provides strong and lasting competitive edge over the others. Brand story is the emotional reason why people buy from you.

          "Knowing your buyer Personas will help to create your brand and attract more ideal Clients"

        Brand story is authentic when they reflect the daily actions of your brand. You don't just tell your brand story; you should live in it. The more your actions will reflect your messaging, the more that messaging will resonate with audiences. Brands aren't built in a single day. Brand's ideas spread over time through storytelling.

   Let's take a look at the factors to focus on, while defining Brand Marketing Strategy,

1.  Think out-of-the Box: Have one story for your brand. Think beyond the conventions. Discover new things. Create new experiences. Generate an unexpected desire amongst your audience. And incorporate them into your story.  Give it new dimensions from time to time.

2. Communicate through Visuals: Promote your brand through visuals. Designs, colors, symbols, patterns, images all helps to create a visual treat for your customer. Research and identify your target audience. Create your visuals that can make it easy for your customer to recall your brand.

3. Connect your audience with Social Media: Your Customer shouldn't miss you on social media. It is important to capitalize on trends and make your presence felt through social media. Stick to your unique value proposition and spread awareness about them to your posts.

4. Provide exclusive content: Content brings new customers to your website through organic search. Use Google analytics to track the content across the website. If you see that users really enjoy reading certain guides, then we know to produce more of these types of articles to bring in more clients. If people don't click on the type of articles, then go in different direction moving forward.

   The three pillars of the impactful content are: timelessness, relevance and engagement. The content must have an endearing message that people can connect with years to come. It should cut across mediums and demographics. Analyzing consumer data and drawing relevant information helps marketers to understand trends, likes, preferences and purchasing habits. The consumer must be entertained enough and feel compelled to act on your communication.

5. Supply on Demand: It is important to provide consumer with products they want for the best prices. If customer requests specific items from store, don't hesitate to get the products and add them to your product selection. It's likely that other people will want the items too.

6. Offer the Best Prices:  Sell the products what customers want to buy and offer him the best prices so they won't buy it from anyone else. Feature Deal of the Day, additional deals and promotions. To successfully sell your product on the internet, you need two things:  Variety & Best Prices. Keep track of the prices shifting by looking at websites that compare the merchandise to sell across the platform.

7. What you bring to the table: When developing the brand, it is important to remember this question "why should target market/ audience care about you". Analyze different buyer personas like what makes them to purchase our product and note down the every purchase motivator. Finding the powerful motivator to focus on is paramount to brand success.

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