Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Inbound Marketing Campaign

            The goal of the marketing is to sell more stuff to the people.  A successful inbound marketing drives new leads, nurtures your buyer's journey and results in delighted customer, A lead is a person who has shown some interest in your company, brand or product. They might have downloaded your free guide or requested a consultation. To become a lead, the person needs to provide the information of name, address, email or to fill out the form. You need to determine the qualified lead or not by setting up the consultation or they looking for some help etc.

          Lead nurturing is the process of business to develop better relationship with potential customers. It includes listening to their pain points, trying to solve their issues and more importantly finding the solutions and providing answer by email marketing campaigns.  So, the website conversion rate is the total number of conversion(or leads) by the number of visitors who entered your website over specific time range, Aim for the customers and promoters rather than high conversion rate.

         Identify and Develop Buyer Persona : A successful inbound marketing begins with a well defined persona. Businesses and websites are built to profitably serve the needs of the buyers. Customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations and goals are all factors to consider when developing your inbound marketing customer persona.

   Understand your Buyer's Journey :
             The buyer's journey is the term that refers to the path that take from being stranger to customer. There are 3 buyer stages that can be referred as, TOF, MOF, BOF ; top-of-the-funnel, middle-of-the-funnel, bottom-of-the-funnel.
              You can choose to call them at each stage, what really matters is that you aware of them when developing your inbound marketing campaign.
         Persona should evolve over time as you gain more customers and learn from them, Follow these guidelines for developing your buyer persona,

           1. Ask for feedback :When developing new leads through your website, make sure to add persona related questions to the appropriate website forms. Ask them what your customers or clients in common.
            2. Review your database of current desirable customers or clients. Look for trends on how they found you,.
            3. Provide high demand content offers :
                         In the awareness phase, your buyer wants free whitepapers, guides and tips, ebooks, checklist, videos etc.,
                         In the consideration phase, your lead is looking for free webinars, case studies, free samples, product spec sheets, catalog etc.,
                         In the decision phase, your buyer need the resources to help them decide what the company will choose to deliver the solution they need like free trials, demos, free consultation, estimates or quotes, coupons etc.,

     Here are some of the best strategies suited for customer engagement in business growth,

    1. The Perfect Welcome Page : Having a clean, well designed and customer friendly landing page will convert the visitor as many as possible.  Ditch the confusing and cumbersome layouts that will increase the engagement.

 2. Use Social Media : Social media is customer outreach tool. where your customers has a chance to voice their opinion, express their likes and dislikes and feedback that will improve the buyer-seller relationship, Be proactive and follow what your customers care most and focus your approach to reaching them online.

3. Use Live Chat : It is one of the customer facing tool and that you can use to generate leads, renew interest and drive the sales. It is an real time solution for your customer needs at the exact moment,

4. Improve Your Content Reach : You should have an content strategy for engaging your customer. The content strategy is the one where all your content is focused on your customers, what they need, prefer or interested in. You can use various channels of your content strategy like blog post, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, case-studies and eye-catching imagery etc

5. Focus on Online Reputation : Manage both sides of search engine results page (SERP) by proactively managing online reputation. Investigate what complaints customer have. Engage your customer and provide workable solutions and always follow up until customer satisfied.

6. Lead Nurturing: It is the deliberate process of engaging potential new customers by providing content that is relevant to their persona and buyer stage.  Effective lead nurturing will position your company as the trustworthy choice to help them reach their goals. It has four basic functions,
   a. Educate your potential customers with your unique perspective on their problems and goals
   b. Show them how to get closer to their goals
   c. Engage them with the content that is relevant to their persona and buyer stage
   d. Convert them to customer by making it clear how to get started

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