Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The International SEO Article of Your Dreams

      If you are increasingly having visitors to your website from international locations, now be the time to start implementing an international strategy. There are some important things to take into consideration like,

     * Need to implement ALL technical fixes
     * Need to work in your business to carry out international orders and transactions
     * Need to have the resources to carry out the work and manage each variations in the future

           Also, the keyword research will help you to find out the demand in the locations that business will be expanding into. Keyword research should be done in the language and locations.
        If all the above done properly, then the next stage is to plan the implementation

    Website Structure :
                  There are 3 main structure types,

          * ccTLD            - Domain variations such as,
          * subdomain      -,
          * subcategory    -,

You can do this in the variations that include both language and location, but this can be done with just language or location. Simply, add the following code in your website,

    Remember that, when you change to, it means pass through a redirect. Internal links also need to change with this href lang tool so that to reference specific URL rather than the home page.

Metadata and Content :
         You have already carried out keyword research to find out where the demand is based on different language, so this is where the new meta data needs to be used for each language variations. The on-page content also needs to reflect the language that the user is on. If hreflang is marked up to say the page is in french, it needs to be written in french. So, translate the content that should reflect the audience you are targeting and their behaviours.Take into considerations of cultural differences into account when writing new content or trying to sell a product in different market. The areas of websites such as security, payment gateways, type of language used, shopping cart structure and many others are all important factors to consider when you carry out international orders.

Develop Internationally Optimized site:
           Make your international content indexable with its own web structure and enable a specific structure for each country or language.
       Make your international web version easily findable: Feature a visible and crawlable menu and suggest your international version when they are relevant and not automatically redirecting to users.

Target your International Search Audience :
            If there are more visitors in your target location is a factor that influence your site operations and there are enough potential traffic and conversions per country, then set your international target to country specific. If not, set to language specific operations. Use tools and studies like Similar Web, TNS Digital life and ComsCore data to understand your international audience behaviours and characteristics. Define your international SEO strategy with keywords and pages to promote. Also, define the goals to target for each international market.

  International Link Building :
             If you have multilingual website, then it's essential to build incoming links to your site from other relevant sites in the same language. When translating an article to other language, make an outgoing links that appeal to an audience in a different country.  This will improve various factors of your businesses like,

    Recognitions: The website becomes a recognizable as well as reliable source throughout the world. Swap the less recognizable websites for authority websites in the country you're targeting.

     Ranking : Linking to local sites can also boost your search engine ranking among your website.

    Follow these principle of International SEO best practices for your website. Anything that helps user experience and organic traffic to your site is likely to improve your SEO.

  Grow your International Search Popularity :
              Create and promote useful and easy to consume assets to connect and build popularity among your international audience. Identify what works in your website at each country and scale it. Always have the negative support, validation for strategy and outreach so that to identify the problem in your business and have the chance to enhance it easily.
           Align your activities for Link Building : Make your product, content, marketing and even operations activities to connect with your international audience. Learn quickly to connect with your audience. Optimize and being constant with your link building actions that to become an authority in your international industries.

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