Friday, 10 March 2017

How to Build Effective Business Branding Strategy


   Business/Personal Brand is not only essential for your potential employers, it is also important to your personal development, career advancement and establishing your brand in online etc. The customized collections of actions and ideas that let your customers know about you. There are number of steps to take into considerations for building the effective brands like utilizing social media, practice the writing, understanding the competition etc., Effective branding strategy improves customer experience and can build your business in to brand. Earning trust, becoming the leader in geographic region is depend on building a reputation for brand quality, value and connection.

      Branding is the experience of your customer have with your business at various levels and touch points  at sales, stores, services, products etc. Positive brands create loyal customers for a recurring revenue.

1. Craft your Personal Branding Statement : This statement should include mission,value, your audiences and avoid using buzzwords.

2. Be Presence Online : Optimize your social media profiles for to discover someone searching at some point of time.

3. Position your Product/Service to Customer: Understanding why you  are in business and how will you add value to customers life will position your product/service in the market.

4. Deliver your Brand Promise : Keep it clear that how are you going to deliver the value you are promising. Compare it in your business and follow the traits to provide the best service for your customer.

5. Make an Emotionally Strong Brand: Find out the emotional benefits your business is offering that should trigger your brand experience.

6. Brand Consistency is the Key : It is the planning into action by syncing your brand strategy with customer touch points and activities, Write down all the possibilities of customer engagement with the brand and ask everything resonate with brand strategy. The customer engagement touch point could be on your Social Media Presence, Website, Product Packaging, Stores etc., Once you prepared the list, work on making them uniform and align with your brand strategy. Keep your brand information uniform across all channels are consistent.

Also,  you should be clear in the process of building personal brand and avoid making the mistakes. Refer  the website 7-mistakes-thought-leaders-make-when-building-their-personal-brand for more information

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