Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Power of Digital/Personal Branding for your Online Presence

        Personal Branding can be defined as the public image you make for yourself as a person online. The Myth in Business is - Success comes from following your "passion". Also, the number one reason for failure is following a dream without an audience to support it.  Personal Brand made up of thoughts and ideas that people have of you when they think about you. You could define what you want that brand to be in others mind. You can manage your reputation much more effectively and in a way that carves your brand produces greater success and career progression. A brand will help you achieve your goals in easy way.. You can gain visibility more rapidly for things you're passionate about or what you are great at.

An Effective Personal Branding will create a major solutions for your businesses like,

  * It will BUILD TRUST with your clients by authentically highlighting your personality and character

  * It will clearly deliver YOUR VALUE - means what others can always expect from you

  * With your clear Personal Branding statement enhances the degree of INFLUENCES among your stakeholders.
    Establish your Personal Brand : For your brand to be powerful, consistent and sustainable it has to be authentic. Then, Create a plan to ensure you are more visible to the people who needs to know who you are and what you are great at?

   Design  Visual Identity : Make sure that your content reflects your chosen visual Identity. Use the same kind of colors, same kind of fonts, same kind of tone and same kind of font. Once familiar with your identity, people will seek it out when browsing around social medias.
Compelling Online Presence : A strong online and social media presence is a requirement to building any identity today. The strongest personal brands are strategic. It means how effectively advertise a brand's product or service to the market and create value. What and how you communicate online shapes your personal brand in rapid motion. Something with strong personal brand provides the effective participation on social media of both communicating and listening.
Make the Brand Stand Out : Consistent branding eliminates confusion and shapes how people perceive the business. Consistent is also important when messaging. It should always be keeping with a brand's mission and values. Keep the brand in sync with its strategies so that every product or service always points back to the brand - distinctly and directly.

Ideas will get more traction and more impact : If you are showing your brand with ideas mean that you are telling them in person. It is more powerful than written language. Your ideas not just travel further, it will have more impact. For those you reach while talking share, they will share with passion. For your brand to be successful, you need to live it.

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