Monday, 4 January 2016

Ecommerce Web Applications

The Essential Elements for Implementing E commerce Website for the client projects are,

1. Great Content is the Key to Success
             High Quality Content and images builds brand awareness, social media shares and search engine visibility. Web pages contain fairly limited amount of content in order to keep the focus clear and the line of communications easy to follow.
   “Sometimes a lot of content organized neatly into a small space is a great thing.”

2. Easy to use Design
         Well combination of content, design and navigation brings great user experience of websites. Themes and colors brings the visitor moods.

   Design Theory:
       Color, balance, flow, proportion and spacing are the essential thing to be able to see when working on projects. Understanding why you do, what you do and why that creates well balanced aesthetic are important for design decisions. Foundation in the basics will help you master any project.
    Design Issues for SaaS Application:
              User Interface has lot of things, and how we put them together that makes sense is called as Layout.
        Product Workflow:
                  In order to get something to be done in less time makes more UX points.
        Visual Design:
                 If your product looks beautiful, it will be more used along with the products that just works.
              Every UX designer needs to design the form that are easier to fill so that to increase usage of website.

    “Being able to design something that effectively works for a wide variety of circumstances makes you a valuable asset.”

3. Effortless Call-To-Action(CTA)
          The CTA  like "Add to Cart", "Buy Now", "Get it Now" tell the user to get know what they want. Strategize the plan for better performing CTA. When considering visual appearance of CTA, you can optimize placement, color, shape, style, language, acquisition technique, multiple location, take over modals that appear after X seconds or X pixels scroll etc. Overall, the CTA should be crisp, clean and directive. Implement, Measure and Iterate.

4. Effective Site Structure
         Site Structure like number of pages, links to the pages, right graphics and icons are the foundation of good design. The important aspect in site structure is site navigation. Design the website for the user that are looking for and give them a clear path to answers. Never allow them to dead end.

5. Providing Great Support to Website
            Even you designed an awesome website, you could still have the issues. So, you might need right customer support, feedback and queries. Take the feedback from customer  to engage them and integrate good suggestion for the next version of website.

          If you implement these elements in the website, it will increase the brand trust and reliability along with sign ups, purchases and retentions.

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